Dave Storgaard/Trustee, Jim Eby/Trustee, Dave Hedberg/Secretary-Treasurer, Kurt Olson/Trustee,

Harry Anderson/Recording Secretary, Dave Gough/President, Tracy Gough/Vice President


Dave Hedberg/Secretary Treasurer

Good News Minnesota unemployment is at record lows 3.9% in July as compared to 5% nationally and it is even better in the 7 county metro areas at 3% which is considered full employment!  Great news from IBT, our strike fund is growing and getting stronger.  That benefit will be increased according to the new Bylaw changes to the International Constitution made by the Delegates in June 2016!  We are preparing for contract negotiations with Honeywell International.  Proposal meetings will start in November, watch for postings on the Union Bulletin Board and Website for times and dates.  It’s important that we are fully prepared before we go into negotiations. Your current Executive Board is trained and working hard to ensure a strong contract for 2017. “We must stand strong together!”  Per the request of our membership we have been working with Triton Commerce Website Design to update our Local Union’s website which will be launched fall 2016! www.teamsterslocal1145.org


We have received several calls at the Local Union hall concerning financial planning, retirement, calculations, and medical insurance questions.  As a result of this we are looking at options of different medical plans for our members as they prepare to make plans for retirement, both primary and secondary medical plans.  Team star offers a plan through the IBT, and U Care, offers a variety of different plans.  We are planning on having experts come in and discuss these options with you at our General Membership Union Meeting.

“Congratulation to all who are planning on retiring”




“Once a Teamster always a Teamster”.


Dave Gough/President

The US Foodservice workers at Teamsters local 355 in Maryland have been on strike since April 2016 fighting corporate greed! To show solidarity for our Teamster Brothers and Sisters your Executive Board with other Local Unions has walked the picket lines at US Foodservice distribution facility in Plymouth, MN.  We need to work hard and elect representatives to protect and pass policies for hard working middle class families. CEO’s and Corporation’s are trying to take everything they can. Teamsters are for fair trade, not for anti-labor trade agreements. Since the enactment of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) we have lost 2 million good paying jobs in the United States and TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) will continue this trend and it must be stopped! At the IBT Delegate 29th International Convention in Las Vegas, officers were nominated for the general election. In addition; we made changes to the IBT Constitution of our Great Union. One of the changes was to the Strike Fund.  Our strike fund in 1999 was at a negative $17 million. Today your strike fund is at $153 million, this is great news! With a strong strike fund we voted to raise the benefits. The strike benefit went from 4 times your monthly dues to 5 times your monthly dues a week. The minimum amount went from $100 a week to $150 a week which is good news going into contract negotiations.  Today the IBT has a net asset of $253.7 million and we are now stronger then we have ever been!  Your Executive Board is preparing for the Honeywell Contract; watch the Union Bulletin Board for updates.

On a personal note, please keep the families of all our members that have passed in your thoughts and prayers. I would also like to thank everyone for the support you give my wife your Union Vice President during her battle with cancer; she is a fighter and a strong woman!


Tracy Gough/Vice President

To my Union Brothers and Sisters:

Thank you for your ongoing support and to those who attended the benefit. This is a very overwhelming time, but I’m still here fighting for you! Thanks to all of the group leaders that helped get the information together for the group leader inequity. Companies are coming at Unions harder than ever, but if you read the Teamster newsletters and magazines, you will see, that Union members that stick together are winning good contracts!  Please help each other understand the issues coming up at contract time. We are all in this together and we need to be prepared.    

Have a great fall!

Harry Anderson/Recording Secretary/Area Chief Steward

Hello from the Valley

It has been an up and down summer here with still a lot of overtime in some areas. Hope everyone is getting a chance to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Here at the Valley everyone continues to work hard for HOS Sliver. Not sure when this will happen but we are working on it.  The Union and Kal-Serv/Prologistix have met during the summer months negotiating contract proposals. The next meeting is scheduled for October 2016. Honeywell is installing a water treatment system on the north end of the building and will keep you updated with the current information. I would also like to thank Toby Heir/Plant Steward for all his help and good work while I was on vacation.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!


Dave Strogaard/Trustee/Plant Steward

As one of your Trustee’s, I can proudly state that your Executive Board has put your Local Union in a strong financial position and will continue to grow. 

As a temporary Plant Steward, it has been a great learning experience.  Day to day we have been dealing with questions concerning vacations, overtime, pensions, medical issues, and possible discipline issues.  If you are called into a meeting you have the right to Union representation.  Please ask for a Union Steward to be present.  Remember you have Weingarten Rights! 

Thanks to a strong IBT international leadership, the strike fund has been increased! Yes, I said increase, when was the last time you heard of that?  We are looking forward to negotiating a strong Honeywell Inc. Contract which expires midnight January 31, 2017.  We welcome our New Members to attend the General Membership Meetings. Please see Union Bulletin Boards or our Website for dates and times www.teamsterslocal1145.org



Kurt Olson/Trustee/Area Chief Steward

There is a Truism that goes like this, “The only thing Constant is Change”. The Stinson facility is experiencing a substantial demand increase in the product lines of HG1700 and GG1308.  Over the next 5 years the total quantity is expected to double.  TGP (Tactical Guidance Products) area expansion is certainly the most noticeable along with several other departments: 1308 Clean Room, Facilities Office Area, Gowning Area, Pack and Ship Area, and Data Center Area.  Several of the ACU’s test chambers have been moved to new locations. Your Executive Board would like to thank the Local 1145 facilities department for the hard work and efforts put forth to accomplish these projects. Personnel changes have been frequent in the last few months, with virtually every department experiencing turn-over and growth. This keeps the job posting board active. I would encourage anyone considering a job change to keep watching the job board. Multiple positions are posted every week on Friday, and I encourage everyone to have a shift preference request on file in the appropriate supervisor’s office. Rest assured more changes are yet to come. Please welcome all the New Members to our Great Union! 


Joanie Binczik/Plant Steward

I hope everyone is having a great summer!  As we look forward to fall we have a lot going on.  Union membership meetings will resume on Wednesday Sept. 7, 2016.  Union meetings are usually held the first Wednesday of the month; please see the Union Bulletin Board in your plant for more detailed information.  I encourage everyone to attend our General Membership Meetings. In addition; Elections for Committee and Stewards will be held per/the Bylaws September 5th – October 5th.  It is very important to have them in all departments, if interested please watch for the posting that is coming soon.  With the expiration of our Honeywell contract (1/31/2017) elections for a Negotiating Committee will be soon. 

As you all know we will be having the Presidential Election in November.  It is important for all members to educate themselves and vote in this election.  Job conditions, the environment, social programs and the economy are all affected by the officials we elect. They will make the laws and financial decision that will affect all of us and our families so please take the time to vote wisely.


Lori Deling/Welfare Director

Bio metrics screening needs to be completed by October 15, 2016 otherwise; you will be subject to surcharges. ($1,500.00 individual and $3,000.00 Family). Insurance reopener is scheduled for November 2016.

We are still having a lot of problems with Weekly Indemnity, AKA: Short Term Disability you must submit all documentation to support your claim. If you get denied, you only have one chance for an appeal.  If you have any questions please contact me at 651-206-9995


Jim Eby/Organizer/Trustee

Hello my Brothers and Sisters:  I hope everyone has had a great summer! We have been working hard over the summer months in Negotiations with Kal-Serv/Prologistix. We have made good progress with the Non-Economic proposals and in August started with the Economic proposals of the Contract.  Our next Negotiation Meeting is scheduled for October 4 & 5, 2016.  I will continue to keep you updated as the events unfold. 

Please remember that the Honeywell Inc. Contact expires midnight January 31, 2017.  Please look for postings in the near future for proposal meeting.